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Bookers Awards|James Kelman|How late it was,how late

October 13, 2017 - Booker's awarded books, Ebook

Bookers Awards|James Kelman|How late it was,how late


How late it was, how late is a 1994 Stream of consciousness novel written by Scottish writer James Kelman. The Glasgow-centred work is written in a working class Scotish dialect, and follows Sammy, a shoplifter and ex-convict.

It won the 1994  MAn Booker Man Booker Prize amid much controversy.


Sammy awakens in a lane one morning after a two-day drinking binge, and gets into a fight with some plainclothes policemen, called in Glaswegian dialect, ‘sodjers’. When he regains consciousness, he finds that he’s been beaten severely and, he gradually realises, is completely blind. The plot of the novel follows Sammy as he explores and comes to terms with his new-found disability, and the difficulties this brings.Read more ……this book pl. 

How Late it was novel ebook


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