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Bookers Prize|Man booker prize|Vernon God Little|DBC Pirre

October 12, 2017 - Booker's awarded books, Ebook

Vernon God Little (2003) is a novel by DBC Pierre. It was his debut novel and won the Booker Prize in 2003. It has twice been adapted as a stage play.

 Published in 2003, the novel was awarded the Bollinger Wodehouse Everyman Prize for Comic Fiction and the Man Booker Prize for Fiction which included the £50,000 prize. Upon winning the prize, Pierre said that the money was “a third of what I owe in the world” and promptly used it to repay old debts. He also won the first novel award in the 2003 white bread Award.Read more ….pl. don books here easlly…………

Burnon God Littile




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