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Bookers prize|paul Scott |Staying On|

October 13, 2017 - Booker's awarded books, Ebook

Staying On focuses on Tusker and Lucy Smalley, who are briefly mentioned in the latter two books of the  artet , The Toers of silence Raj quartet and A division of spoils, and are the last British couple living in the small hill town of Pankot after  Indian independence Tusker had risen to the rank of  colonel in the British Indian Army but on his retirement had entered the world of commerce as a ‘box wallah’, and the couple had moved elsewhere in India. However, they had returned to Pankot to take up residence in the Lodge, an annexe to Smith’s Hotel. This, formerly the town’s principal hotel, was now symbolically overshadowed by the brash new Shiraz Hotel, erected by a consortium of Indian businessmen from the nearby city of Ranpur………………Read more pl. click on ,,,,

                                              STAYING ON BY PAUL SCOTT


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