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Bookers Prize|The Bone People|Unusual Love story|kerry helmey

October 13, 2017 - Booker's awarded books, Ebook

The Bone People is an unusual story of love. The differences are in the way of telling, the subject matter and the form of love that the story writes on. This is in no way a romance; it is rather filled with violence, fear and twisted emotions. At the story’s core, however, are three people who struggle very hard to figure out what love is and how to find it. The book is divided into two major sections, the first involving the characters interacting together, and the second half involving their individual travels.

In the first half, 7-year-old Simon shows up at the hermit Kerewin’s tower on a gloomy and stormy night. Simon is mute and thus is unable to explain his motives. When Simon’s adoptive father, Joe, arrives to pick him up in the morning, Kerewin gets to know their curious story. After a freak storm years earlier, Simon was found washed up on the beach with no memory and very few clues as to his identity. Despite Simon’s mysterious background, Joe and his wife Hana took the boy in. Later, Joe’s infant son and Hana both died, forcing Joe to bring the troubled and troublesome Simon up on his own.Pl. read more………….then click BELOW…………………..

Booker’s awarded books by kerry helmey

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