हथेली के 10 निशान, ये हैं भाग्योदय के संकेत

Booker’s awarded books

Bookers Prize|The Bone People|Unusual Love story|kerry helmey
The Bone People is an unusual story of love. The differences are in the way of telling, the subject matter and the form of love that the story writes on. [...]
Hotel du Lac| 1984 Booker Prize-winning novel| by English writer  Anita brookner
Hotel du Lac is a 1984 Booker Prize-winning novel byEnglish writer  Anitabrookner. It centres on Edith Hope, a romance novelist who is staying in a hotel [...]
Booker Prize|Life & Time of michael|Coatzee|
Booker Prizes, 1983 and 1999 He was the first writer to be awarded the Booker Prize twice: first for Life & Time of Michael K in 1983, and again for [...]
Bookers Prize|Schindlers Ark|thomas keneally|historical novel |oscar
The book tells the story of  Oscar Schindler , a Nazi Party member who turns into an unlikely hero by saving 1,200 Jews from connection camps all over [...]
J.G. ferrell|Troubles|Man bookers prize|
Troubles is a 1970 novel by  J.G Farrell. The plot concerns the dilapidation of a once grand Irish hotel (the Majestic), in the midst of the political [...]
Henry G. Booker| MAn Booker Prize|Anglo American
Henry G. Booker (December 14, 1910 – November 1, 1988) was an Anglo-American physicist and engineer. Booker was a member of the National Academy of [...]
Bookers prize|paul Scott |Staying On|
Staying On focuses on Tusker and Lucy Smalley, who are briefly mentioned in the latter two books of the  artet , The Toers of silence Raj quartet and A [...]
Heat and Dust|romantic drama|Ruth Praerjhabvala|bookers prize
Heat and Dust is a 1983 romantic drama film with a screenplay by Ruth Praerjhabvala based upon her novel, Heat and dust. It was directed by James Ivory and [...]
Man bookers Prize|Possession|Romance |British|A.S. Byatt
Possession: A Romance is a 1990 best-selling novel by British writer  A.S. Byatt that won the 1990 Booker Prize . The novel explores the Post modern  [...]
Bookers Prize|Peter Carey|Booker’s Prize|PBookers Prize|Peter Carey|Booker’s Prize|Bookers awarded book|Bookers awarded book
Peter Philip Carey AO (born 7 May 1943) is an Australian novelist. Carey has won the Mile Frankliin Award  three times and is frequently named as [...]