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E book computer programing | object oriented programing by E. Balagurusamy| Mc Gra. Hill

October 20, 2017 - Basic computer language, Computer Books, Ebook

Balagurusamy served as a Member (Education),Planning Commission of the Tamil Nadu Government July 2011.

From December 2006 to May 2010, Balagurusamy was an appointed Member of  a Constitutional Body established under the Article 315 of the constitution of India for rendering advice to Government of India on matters related to recruitment, promotion and disciplinary cases related to different central civil services. In 2004 he was Vice-Chancellor of Anna Univerisity Chennai. He visited Nellore in 2010 to attend swanrabharat trust’s event accompanied by Shri Venkaiah Naidu. Balagurusamy holds and ME(Hons) in  Electrical engg.,Ph.D

Selected Ebooks:—–

  1. Object Oriented Programming with C++                           Anci C++ by Balagurusaamy

  2. Programming with ANSI C With V-Labs

  3. dBase III+: A Guide and Workbook[10]

  4. Program

JAVA by Balagurusaamy

                                                          C++ by Mc Gra. HILL Publication

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