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Man booker prize

October 10, 2017 - Booker's awarded books, Ebook

The Sellout is a 2015 novel by Paul Beatty published by Farrar , straus and Giroux  in the UK by oneorld publication in 2016. The novel takes place in and around los Angels, California, and concerns a protagonist who grows artisanal and watermelons.Paul Beatty has stated his motivation for writing the novel was that “[he] was broke”.

Man boker prize , it on the 2016 , making Beatty the first US writer to win that award., chair of the judges, said:

The Sellout is one of those very rare books that is able to take satire, which is in itself a very difficult subject and not always done well, and it plunges into the heart of contemporary American society and, with absolutely savage wit, of the kind I haven’t seen since Swift or Twain, both manages to eviscerate every social taboo and politically correct, nuanced, every sacred cow, and while both making us laugh, making us wince. It is both funny and painful at the same time and it is really a novel of our times. Read More……………….


The Sell Out                                                             The SELL OUT

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