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PHP Beginner’s guide |Tatamc. gra Hills|Ebook PHP And My Sql|Vikram

October 21, 2017 - Basic computer language, Computer Books, Ebook

About the Author
Vikram Vaswani is the founder and CEO of
Melonfire (www.melonfire.com/), a consultancy
firm with special expertise in open-source tools and
technologies. He is a passionate proponent of the
open-source movement and frequently contributes
articles and tutorials on open-source technologies—
including Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL, and
Linux—to the community at large. His previous
books include MySQL: The Complete Reference
(www.mysql-tcr.com/), How to Do Everything with
PHP and MySQL (www.everythingphpmysql.com/), and PHP Programming
Solutions (www.php-programming-solutions.com/).
Vikram has over ten years of experience working with PHP and MySQL
as an application developer. He is the author of Zend Technologies’ PHP 101
series for PHP beginners, and he has extensive experience deploying PHP in
a variety of different environments (including corporate intranets, high-traffic
Internet Web sites, and mission-critical thin client applications).
A Felix Scholar at the University of Oxford, England, Vikram combines
his interest in Web application development with various other activities.
When not dreaming up plans for world domination, he amuses himself by
reading crime fiction, watching old movies, playing squash, blogging, and
keeping an eye out for unfriendly Agents. Read more about him and PHP:
A Beginner’s Guide at www.php-beginners-guide.com.
About the Technical Editor
Chris Cornutt has been involved in the PHP community for more than
eight years. Soon after discovering the language, he started up his news site,
PHPDeveloper.org, to share the latest happenings and opinions from other
PHPers around the world. Chris has written for PHP publications such as
php|architect and the International PHP Magazine on topics ranging from
geocoding to trackbacks. He is also a coauthor of PHP String Handling
(Wrox Press, 2003). Chris lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wif…………………………read more…..

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