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Relationship Advice |Osho Hindi Speech|Why does he want to lose his relationship

October 28, 2017 - Most Views, Ringtone

Relationship advice by Osho full video

A few days ago, I received a mail that the scribe wrote about to finish his life. I tried to explain it to my thoughts, but I do not know that she did not understand that thing. But today what I am sharing with you is more likely to be understood by someone. Actually these things have been said by OSHO. He said in such a way that he expressed his desire to commit suicide.

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I request you that if you come to know about any person who wants to commit suicide or is showing such symptoms, then he must read this article. So let’s see what Osho said:


To kill suicide, do it forever- Osho
Person: I want to commit suicide.


Osho: Then take the first retirement. And you will not need to commit suicide, because there is no suicide due to sannyasa. And why should anyone commit suicide? Death itself is coming in itself – why are you in such a hurry? Death will come, he always comes. He does not want you, he comes. You do not need to meet him, he comes by himself. But you will miss your life badly. You want to commit suicide because of anger, or anxiety. I will teach you real suicide Become a monk.If you are undergoing depression then read this story or watch the video below.

And nothing is going to be special due to normal suicide, you will be born somewhere else in the womb immediately. Some stupid people may be loving somewhere, remember me..You’ll be trapped again. You can not get out of this easily. Everyone is stupid. Before you leave this body you will get stuck in another trap. And once again you will have to go to school, college, university – just think about it. Think of all those hard experiences – they will prevent you from being self-employed.

You know, Indians do not kill so easily, because they know that they will be born again, in the West there are suicide and suicidal ideas; Many people commit suicide, and psychoanalysts say there are very few people who do not think so. Actually a man had collected some data by investigating, and he says that – every single person thinks at least 4 times in his life to commit suicide. But it’s West, in the East, because people know about reincarnation, so no one wants to commit suicide – what is the benefit? You get out of a door and you come in by another door then come in. You can not go so easily

I will teach you to commit real suicide, you can go forever. This means becoming a Buddha – going for forever.

Why do you want to suicide? Maybe you did not want life like that? But who are you supposed to impose your own wishes on your life? Maybe your desires have not been fulfilled? So why do you end your desires? Your expectations may not have been fulfilled, and you are feeling frustrated. When a person is in frustration, he wants to destroy. And then there are only two possibilities – either kill someone else or self. Killing someone else is dangerous, so people start thinking of killing themselves. But this is also a murder !! Why not change it instead of destroying…………..See more here…………..

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