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Tera Intezaar Full Movie | Sunny Leone | Arbaaz Khan | Raajeev Walia

December 2, 2017 - 18+ Other Movies, Bollywood movies, Movies

Tera Intezaar Full Movie | Sunny Leone | Arbaaz Khan | Raajeev Walia



Directed by Raajeev Walia
Produced by Aman Mehta ,Bijal Mehta
Written by Anwarullah Khan
Screenplay by Raajeev Walia
Starring Sunny Leone ,Arbaaz Khan
Music by Raaj Aashoo
Cinematography Johny Lal
Edited by Raajeev Walia
Production company Bageshree Films
Distributed by Phantom India
Release date 1 December 2017
Running time 108 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

It’s another weird supernatural film featuring Sunny Leone.

There isn’t anything to talk about its story, still I will enlighten you. Why should critics have all the fun?

Veer Singh Rajput (Arbaaz Khan)– there are producers who still dare to cast him as lead– is a closet painter. One fine day, while he was painting from his imagination, it turns out to be Raunaq’s (Sunny Leone) portrait. In next thirty seconds, he meets her and begins to sing duet on a beach.

Oh I forgot, Sunny Leone exclaims with uncontrollable enthusiasm after seeing her portrait on Arbaaz’s tablet, “Tumne mujhe bina dekhe itni achchi tasveer kaise bana li (How did you draw such a beautiful picture without seeing me?). Err, shouldn’t you be worried about such a creepy situation?

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