हथेली के 10 निशान, ये हैं भाग्योदय के संकेत

The Blind Assassin|A novel| by the Canadian| writer Margaret Atood

October 12, 2017 - Booker's awarded books, Ebook

In her tenth novel, Margaret Atwood again demonstrates that she has mastered the art of creating dense, complex fictions from carefully layered narratives, making use of an array of literary devices – flashbacks, multiple time schemes, ambiguous, indeterminate plots – and that she can hook her readers by virtue of her exceptional story-telling skills. The Blind Assassin is not a book that can easily be put to one side, in spite of its length and the fact that its twists and turns occasionally try the patience; yet it falls short of making the emotional impact that its suggestive and slippery plot at times promises.


The blind Assassin


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