हथेली के 10 निशान, ये हैं भाग्योदय के संकेत


October 27, 2017 - Ebook, FREEDOM FIGHTER'S EBooks


Not many words are needed to send out this book into the world. I claim neither
originality nor literacy merit for it. In my judgment it is easier to write an original
thesis than to hunt up authorities, verify and quote them. But being the member of a
subject race, writing a book in defence of my motherland, in refutation of the
calumnies invented and circulated throughout the world from base motives, I could
not but refer to, and quote from authorities. There are not many statements in this
book (in fact I doubt if there are any) in support of which reputed and reliable
authority has not been quoted. It is easy to speak ill of the under-dog. It is difficult to
defend him. They very fact that he is an underdog goes against him. Nothing is more
humiliating than the necessity of quoting the testimony of foreigners in defence. The
process in itself involves an admission of inferiority. But there is no use hiding the
fact that the white peoples of the West are not prepared to accept and believe any
testimony but that of persons of their own race and colour. The book has been…………….Read More….

Unhappy India


Mr. Lajpat Rai, the author of this book, is one of the
most widely known, most honoured and most influential
public men in India. For more than twenty years
he has been a leading member of the bar in Lahore, the
capital city of the large province of the Punjab, and has
long been prominent in public affairs both local and
From almost the beginning of the National Indian
Congress he has been an active leader in that body,
which is the most important political organization in
the country. The last time I was in India (two and a half
years ago) I found that he was being widely talked of
for the Presidency of the Congress at its approaching
yearly meeting.
Conspicuous in Indian educational work and a
founder of the large and flourishing Anglo-Vedic College
in Lahore, he has for a dozen years or more held
the position of either Vice-President or Honourary
Secretary of the College, and also that of Lecturer in
He started The Punjabee, a leading paper in
the province, published in English, and has edited a
monthly magazine and a weekly paper printed in the
vernacular, besides writing for other Indian periodicals
and for reviews in London.
The Arya Samaj, an important, fast growing and
influential movement of religious reform in India,
which rejects idolatry and caste and is active in promoting
education, social reforms and the elevation of………….Read more….


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